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Rediscover Nature's Healing Power with a Wise Woman Approach to Herbalism

Our self-paced, intensive courses are designed to help you discover the forgotten magic of nature. Rekindle your connection with nature and embrace a lifestyle that prioritizes holistic health and mindfulness.

Join us on this transformative journey to empower your health and experience a radical shift in your well being.

The Green Path

Your Comprehensive Course to Folk Herbalism

Explore the history and philosophy behind the folk methods before learning the tools, techniques and best practices to safely practice herbalism.

Learn to identify and harvest plants, to prepare healing concoctions. By understanding herbal actions and their effects on body systems, you'll have an understanding of how to support your body and mind, naturally and effectively. 

Are you ready to empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to start your own home apothecary?

Explore The Green Path

Herbs for Resilience

Boost you Wellness and Immunity this Winter

In this transformative mini-course, you'll unlock the secrets of nature's most powerful plants, learning how to bolster your immune system, enhance your overall wellness, and reconnect with the healing rhythms of the earth.

Designed for beginners this course is a wonderful introduction to herbal medicine, empowering you with knowledge and practices for lifelong vitality.

Embrace Resiliency this Winter

Meet Your Guide Elizabeth Martin

A clinical herbalist whose personal quest for healing alternatives, led to the birth of The Green Path.

Combining scientific insights with holistic traditions, she crafts a learning experience that's as nurturing as it is enlightening. Dive into a folk, Wise Woman tradition that embraces nature's power to heal and transform.

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