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This ancient, empowering tradition has been passed down through generations of healers and storytellers...


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Learn herbalism in the wise woman tradition, a practice dating back thousands of years, in all cultures around the world. It is not mere folklore, but a way of life that has been tested by centuries of human experience.

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A Guide Emerges

Elizabeth Martin


When my daughter was diagnosed with PANDAS in 2016, I felt helpless to the ongoing expenses for copious amounts of prescription medicines, bi-monthly inpatient treatments and doctor appointments.

The doctor’s ultimate solution?

Don’t let my daughter get sick, the rest of her life (I wish I was making that up).

While these costly interventions brought some management of her symptoms, she did not experience any actual healing.

I was sure there had to be a better way- something that would help her, without ruining her body systems and racking up a lifetime of debt.

As the daughter of a landscaper and a mother who took pride in growing her own food, I was raised working with plants from an early age. However, it wasn’t until I needed to find solutions for my daughter, that pushed me towards folk herbalism.

As I continued learning, I enrolled in multiple classes and my daughter began to see vastly improved outcomes! I then took the leap to learn at a traditional school for western herbalism. Now, as a clinical herbalist, I aid in healing my friends, family and my community.

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Over the years I’ve seen first hand how working herbs can bring true healing to the body, in situations that previously relied on over the counter and prescription medicines.

If you aren’t seeing total healing or if you don't have access to care, consider taking The Green Path.

What is The Green Path?

A guided herbalist education

In this self paced education portal, you will learn the history of herbalism, plant identification skills, herbal actions, pharmakeia and more, so that you can create your own remedies for your family and friends. You'll walk away with the confidence to start your own home apothecary with a variety of herbs and plant identification skills. 

The course is designed with a variety of features to make learning easy: video lessons, written resources, virtual fieldtrips and more! You'll have access to your instructor Elizabeth Martin who will answer all your questions as you go along. There's also a private community where you can share experiences with other students so you never feel alone on this journey.

Learn to:

  • Start your own home apothecary with a variety of herbs

  • Target specific body systems

  • Harvest and prepare herbs for medicinal use

  • Prepare your own teas, tinctures, glycerites, oils and more

  • Identify plants in the wild

  • Philosophical approach to herbalism

  • Engage with the history of herbalism

  • Work with the magical properties of plants

Learn from Anywhere 

Our online course is designed to be easy to follow on any device and from any location with an internet connection. This means that you can learn about plant-based medicine no matter where you are or what your schedule looks like!

Virtual Apprenticeship

The Green Path offers a rare opportunity to learn herbalism in the wise woman tradition from a clinical herbalist, Elizabeth Martin. You will be able to explore fields of herbal knowledge in a hands-on, practical manner; practicing with plants for both medicinal and magical purposes.


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